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December 6 - 7, 2022
Richmond, VA

Please note that there will be no on-site registration. All registrations must be received by November 4th

What The Economic Development & Sports Tourism Summit Is All About

Sports Tourism and economic development have been linked since the Olympics in ancient Greece and things have a changed a little. Whether you're actively pursuing this market or not chances are sports tourism and economic development are happening in your communities. It's not just events and tourism though it reach, ancillary business provides a valuable marketing platform and impacts the quality of life we all seek.

For the last 15 years the US Sports Congress has designed professional development for sports tourism and industry professionals. We've activated opportunities to share best practices, network and yes -bring business back to their destinations. Now we're creating a new channel that caters to Economic Development Organizations, Chambers of Commerce, Government and municipalities and park and recreation professionals. We're once again providing an opportunity to educate, network and build business for your respective destinations.


If you've spent any time in business you've probably been to any number of conferences. We invite you to explore the USSC and the Economic Development  & Sports Tourism Summit, a sports conference like no other... we don't do things like everyone else and after attending the event - neither will you.


Want to know more about the ED&STS? Check out the video to find out more about last years host Frisco or click on the travel tab to find more information on our host hotel or just click the red "REGISTER" button above.         

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