If you've attended the Congress in the past, our schedule format will be similar to our 2019 Congress. While the schedule for the 2020 Congress is shown below, it will give you an indication of timing for the 2021 program. This page will be updated as details are confirmed.  Times/Presenters are tentative and subject to change.



11am - 7pm

800pm - 10pm

Registration - 2nd Floor - Hyatt Regency

Meet & Greet - Sponsored by Virginia Beach Sports Marketing - 2nd Floor Hyatt Regency


8am - 11am

Registration - 2nf Floor Hyatt Regency

9am - 1015am

Inside Sports Conversation -  Keynote (Joint Session with US Sports Congress)

General Session Room Sponsored by Visit Ogden

Sports Legacy - Clark & Dan Hunt

The Hunt family knows a bit about sports legacy. From their ownership of the Kansas City Chiefs to their partnership with the City of Frisco and ownership of FC Dallas, the Hunt family name is synonymous with sport. Join Clark and Dan Hunt as they discuss their history in sport and what it means to craft their vision for the future.


1045am - 1145

12pm - 115pm

130pm -230pm

Break - Sponsored by Sports Facilities Companies

Session 2 - Creating A Collaborative Culture - Panel Discussion

Ron Patterson, Deputy City Manager - Frisco, TX

Tourism and development are two concepts that share the same priority in Frisco, TX. In this session you'll hear from Ron about how government, tourism and Economic development have seats at the table when discussing projects like the Star, the National Soccer Hall of Fame and relocating the PGA to Frisco. More importantly he'll discuss how valuable it is to the process in having equal partners share their ideas and goals.

Lunch - 

Session 3 - Bicycles - A Transformative Economic Driver.

Ravi Rajcoomar, People For Bikes


In this interactive session Ravi Rajcoomar, Vice President, Business Network of People for Bikes will lead a discussion of how bicycles can be a transformative economic driver for your community. We will explore how business, tourism, local participation, connected paved and natural trails, parks and private land spaces, and events are all important in growing the economy in your community.

245pm - 345pm

Session 4 - Business of Sports as an Economic Development Strategy

Jason Ford, Frisco Economic Development Corporation

Sandy Cross, PGA of America

Frisco has used sports as a catalyst to drive economic development for close to two decades.  But it is so much more than just sports facilities and teams.  Using the relocation of the PGA of America to Frisco as a case study in public/private partnership, hear how the deal got done and how the business of sports continues to evolve in Sports City USA. 

400pm - 500pm

Session 5 - Building For Future Trends And Connectivity

Eric Vardon, President - EventConnect


What opportunities can technology enable for business or consumers (players/parents), that will empower the growth of sports.


545pm - 7:45pm

Transportation to Opening Reception

Opening Reception - Sponsored by Visit Frisco - National Soccer Hall of Fame


800am - 900am  


900am - 1000am

10:15am - 1100am

1100am - 1200pm  


Breakfast - Sponsored by Reno Tahoe CVA

Transportation to the Star

Session 6  - The Star IS Born - Ron Patterson, City of Frisco and Joe Hickman, Vice President - Blue Star Investments

In this session you'll hear from several of the principle players that help to create, imagine and engineer the project that is known as the Star District. From conception to implementation, you'll gain inside knowledge on what it takes to make  this legendary project come to life. More importantly, you'll also discover what lays ahead.

Tour of the Star

Session 7 - Creating the Destination – Case Studies in Sports Tourism

Eric Sullivan & Joe Fackel, The Sports Facilities Company

There’s a lot of hype – and a lot of numbers - thrown around in the sports tourism space, but how do you know what’s “real”? What are the tangible effects of a youth and amateur tournament destination in a community? Join Sports Facilities Companies Partner, Eric Sullivan and Development Advisor Joe Fackel, in discussing real-world case studies from facilities across the country including funding mechanisms, economic impact figures, ancillary development examples, and more. 

Transportation Returns to the Hyatt

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