If you have not attended the SIX before the schedule below should give you some idea of the format of the event. THERE WILL BE CHANGES FOR 2020. Contact us if you require more information but details will be posted here as they become available.

2019 Schedule

Subject to change

April 18th 2019

  8:00 am      Registration

  9:00           Welcome 


                    Kraig Kann is a former lead anchor of the Golf

                       Channel/NBC and Media Director for the LPGA.

                       In this thought provoking presentation, Kraig will

                       share his insights on how to make your presentations

                       the best they can be. His unique experience  

                       includes founding HTK Media, LLC, in 2010 and

                       passionately helping athletes, coaches, business

                       leaders and many in the golf industry present them-

                       selves as never before and position themselves at the

                       top of their class in media events and corporate speaking



10:30           Break

10:45           KEYNOTE:  BEING YOUR BEST PRESENTER Continued

12:00           Lunch With Rights Holders (ACES Members)


                    Round Table 1:  Forget Counting Room Nights - Moderated by: Joshua Dill, CSEE Visit Frisco

                    What if you were asked to explain the mission and success of your organization and you were not

                    allowed to mention “room nights” at all?  Most of us understand that destination marketing in the

                    sports realm goes beyond just a simplistic accounting of room nights, but that isn’t enough.  How do

                    we get our stakeholders, community leaders and our BOSSES to understand that sports is not just

                    “conventions in shorts.”  This session will discuss the value of events that present a value-proposition

                    other than room nights. Discussions will include how we create valuation strategies, the role they play

                    in your overall objectives AND how to effectively share that message outwardly.

                    Round Table 2: How Community Based Programs Enhance Tourism Efforts - Moderated by: Evan                           Eleff, Sports Facilities Advisory & Sports Facilities Management


                    Sports tourism has a great story to tell, but how often do we tell it? We often explain how new                               revenue brought to our communities creates economic impact. What if our story also included the                           impact we have socially or on health and wellness? This session will explore the often over-looked                           aspects of community events, their impact locally, and how they create a powerful message when we                     combine them with economic impact.

  2:45           Break

  3:00           CASE STUDY: SPONSORSHIP

                        This years topic and case study will be presented by Bill Nielsen of 4Front.

                     4Front is a dynamic sports marketing agency with offices in Chicago and

                     Dallas. Their impressive client list include properties such as Hendrick Motor

                     Sports, UFC and the Chicago Bears to name a few.


                      Attendees of the Sports Industry eXchange will experience a presentation

                      on current sponsorship trends and be provided with a whitepaper/case

                      study. Attendees will work in groups to provide a solution based on the

                      case study, information provided in the presentation and general industry

                      knowledge. Groups will provide a brief synopsis of their solution to a panel.

April 19th 2019

  8:30 am     Case Study Prep (Group Rooms Available)

  9:30          Case Study Presentations

 10:45         Break

 11:00         OLYMPIC UPDATE -  Denise Parker, United States Olympic Committee

                     There's a lot going on in the Olympic movement. From the preparations for Team USA in Tokyo to                            compliance challenges and opportunities. You'll hear from Denise Parker, Vice President of NGB                              Services on how programs like FLAME and Safe Sport are impacting the Olympic landscape and event                      hosts. 

 12:00pm     Lunch


                   Round Table 3: CVB Participation in Facility Development  Moderated By: JC Poma, Visit


                     The facility arms race is at an all-time high and many community partners and parks and

                    recreation departments are looking to us, as CVB/Sports Commission leaders, to better

                    understand how to compete against other destinations and gain a competitive edge in

                    attracting new sports tourism events. This round table will help us all come together and bring

                    forth important trends, topics, and key conversation pieces we need to consider when helping

                    strategically plan in our respective communities.

                   Round Table 4:Creating Winning Partnerships: Moderated By: Rob Coggin, National Collegiate                          Roller Hockey Association

                   Partnerships are the heart of successful events. This round table will discuss aspects of successful                            partnerships including examples. Strategies will be examined that pertain to both Rights Holders and                      host destinations. Please share what's worked in your community and events! 

   2:30         Concluding Remarks

* These will be moderated small group or round-table discussions

Please note the following items:

All sessions and receptions will take place at the Double Tree Colorado Springs  unless otherwise noted.

More details will be posted as they become available

All times are subject to change.

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